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Questionnaire for Review Game

Questionnaire for Review Game (Grade 8)
 It means deciding what part of a topic or subject you want to explore in a
piece of writing.
 What is said is the opposite of what is meant.
 It is when a character or the reader expects one thing to happen but
something else happens instead.
 Who is the most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist in China,
whose ideas have influenced the civilization of East Asia?
Questionnaire for Review Game (Grade 7)
 What do you call the system that allows library users to locate specific
reference materials in the library?
 It is a type of card catalogue that arranges books by subject.
 It sorts all the titles of the reference materials in the library.
 What is the name of the product created after summarizing?
 What is the database of materials of a library or group of libraries?
 It is a group of words that lacks a subject, a verb, or both and cannot stand
 This group of words should contain a subject and a verb, and it should also
stand alone.
 It presents the main idea and most relevant supporting details of a longer
piece of work in a condensed form.