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Year 8 Revision

Year 8 Revision
You need to learn the vocabulary lists on Firefly,
for the two topics we have learnt about.
Your exam will test your knowledge on
Christopher Columbus, Henry VIII, and the
Your exam will ask two question where you will
need to ‘explain’ why something happened.
1. The Silk Roads and how the world was
connected before Columbus’s journey
To answer this question, you will need two
explained points. These paragraphs could follow
the example below
2. The reasons for Columbus’s journey
Point – Make a clear focus on the question
3. The consequences of Christopher
Columbus’s Journey
Evidence – Use evidence to prove your point
Christopher Columbus
Henry and the Reformation
4. How was the renaissance a cause for
Columbus journey, and what impact did
his journey have on it?
5. Why did Henry break from the Catholic
Church? – this should include money,
power and his wish for a divorce
6. The difference between the Catholic and
Protestant church
7. Martin Luther and reasons for breaking
with the Catholic church
Explain – Explain your answer, based on the