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Save resources speech

Save resources speech
Hello everybody, I have a little question for you. Do you think water is important?
If one day there is no water in the world, what should we do? Just think about this.
Where we should go? Or maybe human beings disappear in this world from now
on. So let’s talk about resources today.
There are many resources in the world, such as oil, coal, natural gas and water.
However, when people lose water, they will perish and their cars will not be used
without oil. This shows us the importance of resources for us, means that if we
don’t have resources humankind's history should be changed and the future cannot
be written. Maybe some people would say that we can evolve ocean water to drink,
and we can research and develop electricity-consuming cars. But how can we
develop so far, if people do not have the resources from the start? All this is just
empty talk.
The earth becomes vibrant because it has water; without water, there is no life.
Because of various reasons, the human demand for water is increasing day by day.
On the other hand, people always polluting and wasting many water in their lives.
Some netizens mentioned that according to the general calculation, the world
consumes 20 billion square meters of water per day, while the wasted water
accounts for 3 billion square meters. Three billion square meters of water mean
that it can help one side of the land, it can help some people to drink enough water,
but people just let it flow away. We call this ‘A Water Crisis’. However, most
people were not notice of how important of the water and they just continuous to
waste our water. What sad thing! You might say that the 'Water Crisis' didn’t
significantly affect your life. Because you don’t know that the ‘Water Crisis’ has
led to about a billion people cannot drink safe drinking water; crops have been
reduced because of water shortages; the species of life on Earth has been reduced
by 35% over the past 35 years due to the water crisis and in some places even fight
for water resources. Someone may say again that we have so many oceans that
78% of the earth is ocean, and we can purify the sea to drink. But do you know
how difficult it is to purify sea water? So far no country can cleanse a lot of sea to
And another data shows us that there is more to the problem of resources than just
water and that the problem of forest soils is also very serious. According to
Greenpeace's estimates, 80% of the world's virgin forests have been destroyed in
the past 100 years; the problem of soil degradation is not optimistic and the soil
degradation leads to a reduction in the world's per capita arable land area.
According to UN statistics, from 1975 to 2000 The per capita arable land area in
the world has been reduced by about half in the year, which means that the output
of human crops will decline in the future due to land issues and a series of hunger
problems will follow.
So, what exactly should we do for this earth? Continue to destroy it? Let us
practice from the life, keep in mind all the time taps, water conservation, do not
waste. Do not let our tears become the last drop of water in the world. At the same
time, we also save on paper products. This means that we are also protecting trees
and forests, protecting our soil and allowing people to continue to cultivate land
and stop the hunger issue. This is what we can do. Some minor things in life can
protect this huge planet on which we live.