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Hamlet Character Poster
Directions: Create a small poster about your assigned character that includes all of the following:
 The character’s name
 A basic description and role in the play/ relationship to other characters
 THREE quotes either from this character or about this character (include act, scene, and line)
o For each quote, give the CONTEXT—what is going on? Who is speaking? When is this?
o For each quote, explain the SIGNIFICANCE: WHAT IT SHOWS the reader about that
character. Why is this quote important? What do we learn about the character, or about
other characters?
 Draw a picture of something that would be associated with this character, or draw a scene with this
character that shows an important character trait or plot point—this can be stick figure quality. 
Don’t stress about artistic skill, or lack thereof.
 Must include character’s name and description.
 Must include three quotes from or about character.
 Quotes must include an explanation.
 Must include a picture that follows instructions above.
 Neatness/color
 Spelling/grammar
_______/5 points
_______/5 points
_______/5 points
_______/5 points
_______/5 points
_______/5 points
Total: _______/30 points
Your character: _____________________________________Due date: _____________________________
Character list:
King Claudius
Queen Gertrude
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern