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Computers CHM

History Of Computers
Dalton F.
Birth Year (2005)
Rudolph and Sletten were the company that created
silicon valley
They created many buildings for HP
They created many of the campuses in silicon valley
David Packard
• Co Creator of HP
• Successful computer company and great
computer systems
• created the “HP Way”
Bill Hewlett
• Co Creator of HP
• Worked on the 32-bit microprocessor
• Worked in IT services
David Clark
• Helped make aerospace headsets
• Created the pressured space suit
• Makes protective industrial equipment
David Clark thoughts
• I thought that he was very
cool for what he did
• He has helped so many
people in space and in the
• He has helped man get to
• The Babbage is a machine like the
IBM machine in which it was a big
• The Babbage was used to solve
polynomial functions
• It was a machine that sparked a
time of rapid successes