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Rosedeep Kaur Reading Review

Rosedeep Kaur
E.S 01
Professor Sanders
De Anza College
Lecture 1
CHAPTER 1: Noticing
5 Sentence Summaries
1. Huge amount of population is migrating from countryside to urban cities, which is
causing more stress on resources. In other words, more people have access to resources,
the more they reproduce and consume more in an unsustainable way.
2. Unsustainable ways of consumption are ineffective and causes more harm than -3. Methods of obtaining energy and usages is causing a depletion of finite resources like
fossil fuels and hastening global warming. Therefore, new methods such as solar energy
must be adopted for future energy use.
4. To keep up with the population growth and the western consumption demands, new
methods of food growth are being introduced which in turn have more negative side
effects than positive such as air pollution from farming vehicles, rainfall disruptions, etc,.
5. Climate is being drastically changed and the consequences are disastrous. A major
international shift is required to prevent global warming.
Vocab Words
1. Monocultures — growing large numbers of the same thing in one place. This
2. GMOs- are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic
modification/engineering techniques.
3. Geothermal energy is heat that is produced inside the earth.
3 new ideas
1. I learned that there’s enough wind, solar, and other renew- able energy sources to meet
our energy demand
2. The people in the west are only 20 percent of the world’s people but use 75 percent of its
resources to fund their lifestyles.
3. Modern agriculture practices put out more greenhouse gases than transportation systems.
Main Concept
1. The amazing world we live in has created a plenty of new slag. We have become an
overpopulated, over consuming, energy and food resource exploiting, climate wrecking
society .These habits and methods have led to big unintended problems, from ozone holes
to changing climate.
2. We must become aware of our lifestyles and make amends to how we treat nature and it’s
Why is the Government not more involved in the debate around Climate Change?