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Mahesh Gaikwad
6B, Sutar Lane Hanchinal (K.S), Nippani, Karnataka-591229 | H: 8867475687 | E: Maheshgak89@gmail.com
A result-oriented CAE engineer with 3 years of industry experience in the domain of Medical Equipment,
Home appliances and Defense projects. Ability to apply CAE skills effectively to evaluate the performance
of machine components and optimize their designs.
SIMULATION ENGINEER | Oct/2017 to Present
CADFEM Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd (ANSYS Certified Channel Partner) – Hyderabad
Understanding client requirements, work scope and translated the actual problem to FEA
Regularly interacting with client and updating the weekly improvement of the project to provide CAE
support to validate the designs
Performed linear and non-linear, Modal, Frequency Response (FRF), Random Vibration, Shock, Creep,
Thermo-Mechanical, Fatigue and Weld Strength finite element analysis (FEA)
Recommend design improvements based on CAE results
Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for CAE analysis for repetitive task
Report preparation for the project as per the standards and quality check sheet.
Assisted software development team for developing innovative options f or Ansys Automation (ACT)
Maintained the database of different queries and solutions which helped the support team to respond
JR. CAE ENGINEER | Dec/2016 to Oct/2017
In-Finite India Solution Pvt. Ltd – Pune
Supported engineers in OEMs in solving the queries related to Ansys Workbench and n-Code Design
Conduct training on Linear & Non-Linear, Harmonic, Random analysis of components using Ansys
Performed linear and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) for Durability using n-Code Design life
Trained new employees in the use of Ansys software relevant to work projects
R. V. College of Engineering – Bangalore | M. Tech
Machine Design, 2014 to 2016
Passed with 78.54%
Finolex Academy of Management and Technology – Ratnagiri | B. E
Mechanical Engineering, 2008 to 2012
Passed with 70.01%
Shri Shahu High School and Jr. College – Kolhapur | HSC (12th)
Science, 2006 to 2008
Passed with 68.67%
Kognoli High School Kognoli – Nippani | SSLC (10th)
Science, Math, English, 2003 to 2006
Passed with 71.84%
Professional Projects
1 Medical Equipment
Client: Alcon (Novartis Division) US | Oct/2017 to Present
• Worked on Eye Surgical instruments such as Vitrectomy cutter, NGPV i.e. Next Generation Phaco Vit,
St-Connector, Cypass, Peristaltic Pump, etc.
• Weld, Adhesive modeling using Design Modeler and Space Claim
• Worked on Hyper-Elastic, Creep material model and Shape Memory Alloys
• Performed Non-Linear, Thermal, Random & shock analysis which includes Pre-stress, Load Test, Bolt
Preload, Shrink Fit, Transportation condition on eye surgical instruments
• Performed durability analysis on Tray Arm for Mis use condition
2. Home Appliances
Client: BSH Hausgerate Gmbh | Oct/2017 to Present
• Worked on Oven and Dishwasher components e.g. Doors, Cook Top, Chimney Hood, Tub, Telescopic
Rail, Sealing/gasket etc.
• Geometry Cleanup & Mid Surface Extraction using Design Modeler and Space Claim
• Worked on Bi-Linear, Multi-Linear Plasticity material, multi-nonlinear elastic model
• Meshing (Shell, Hex, Tet, Solid Shell and Hybrid Meshing)
• Performed linear and non-linear analysis which includes Pre-stress, Snap fits, Mis-use condition, Load
Test, Transportation and Stacking
• Performed Static Creep and Cyclic Creep (Thermal Cycle) analysis on Dishwasher Rack and Oven Door
• Performed Thermo-Mechanical analysis on Oven cavity and Dishwasher racks
• Performed fatigue analysis on lever arm and spray arm
3 Defense and Heavy Equipment
Client: Tata Advanced Systems | 3 Week
Shock Analysis of Multi-functional Console (MFC) and Utility Rack Mounts
• The MFC is in operational use by the Navy operating and controlling all the combat and navigation
systems on board of the vessels.
• Non-linear Spring elements are used for modeling of Mounts (X type and Wired Type)
• Performed Transient & FRF analysis to choose better amongst the two mounts (spring)
Client: Data Pattern Pvt. Ltd. (DRDO) | 3 Week
Random vibration fatigue and Shock Analysis of Compact Transponder and DIFM Receiver
• Performed Modal and Harmonic analysis at unit load and these results are connected to n-Code
• Performed Random vibration fatigue analysis as per PSD curve provided by customer and calculated
stresses and life of the receiver
• Half sine wave used for shock analysis and evaluated the critical location of the part
Client: BHTC Pune | 3 Week
Thermal shock and Random vibration with temperature loading fatigue analysis for DVP Test
• Evaluated temperature distribution and thermal stress in ANSYS. These results are connected to n-Code
Design life to calculated life and damage of critical part
• Stresses from random vibration and Transient thermal used to estimated life of the critical component
using n-Code Design life
Cornering and Radial Fatigue Test for Alloy Wheel Rim | 2 Week
• Different loading conditions are assigned for cornering and radial (compressive) fatigue test
• Strength analysis is carried out using Ansys and stress values are determined
• Results obtained are used for performing fatigue life analysis and corresponding Safety Factor is
calculated (n-Code Design Life) to check whether the alloy wheel is meeting the desired quality criteria
Academic Projects
Investigation of Forging Properties of Aluminium Composite Material
R&D RVCE – Bangalore | M-Tech Project | Dec/2015 to Aug /2016
• Casting of Al6061 + SiCp MMC Material at different weight percentage of SiCp.
• Experimental and numerical analysis of forged material.
• Microstructural study of casted and forged material.
• Damage evaluation in material by using numerical method.
• Numerical analysis done by using DEFORM-3D
Design and Fabrication of Bolt Vibration Testing RIG
Finolex Academy of Management and Technology – Ratnagiri | BE Project | Aug/ 2011 to May/2012
• Fasteners coming loose are a common problem across many industries.
• This machine test provides gives a simplified method for broad scale testing and inspection of the
transverse vibration properties of fasteners.
Technical Skills
• Design Tools: Ansys SpaceClaim, Design Modeler, Solid Edge st7 (Basic)
• CAE/FEA Tools: Ansys, n-Code Design life, DEFORM 3D (Basic)
• Programming: Python (Basic)
• Microsoft Tools: MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Word
Soft Skills:
• Team oriented and results driven
• Project Management
• Customer Interactions
Professional Trainings
Training on Creep analysis using Ansys at CADFEM, Hyderabad by CADFEM Gmbh
Training on Advanced Ansys n-Code Design life at CADFEM, Hyderabad by CADFEM Gmbh
Advanced Training on Dynamic Analysis at CADFEM, Hyderabad by CADFEM Gmbh
Training on Ansys Automation using ACT at CADFEM, Hyderabad by CADFEM Gmbh
Participated in Seven Day workshop on “Basic course of Ansys”
GATE 2014 exam qualified with gate score 494
English - communicative in writing and in speech
Hindi- communicative in writing and in speech
Marathi- Native
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