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9-11-19+LL+Study+Guide (2)

9111nA19 ​Science LL ​" Required
1. ​Name: First and Last Anthony Davis ​
2. \lYhat ​is ​one ​fact about ltir Kelly? You like to un up mountains.​
3. ​Name One ​LL ​ExPectation: Stay on task ​
4. ​What ​are ​the ​4 ​topics this ​semester?
; Introduction to Science 7, Structure, function, and
information processing.
Introduction to genetics matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems
Mark only one ​oval.
5. ​what ​is ​a ​CBA? ​" Teacher check in call.
6. ​Digital ​Science Notebooks are Required Yes​
7. ​Enter
your ​Gmail here: I don’t have a gmail address as soon as I set one up I will send it to you. *​
8. ​Success Starts with..... Hard work​
9/1112019 ​Sciene L
​ L