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E very learner feels comfortable to take risks.
X panding on prior knowledge, learners build a bridge from old
understanding to new.
C aring communities of learners supporting one another.
E very learner knows the goals that have been set for them.
L earners know their families support their teacher.
L earners know their teacher understands their family.
E very activity challenges learners to move beyond what they thought
they could achieve.
N ew and engaging strategies are created to support learners in the
T alents, interests, and personalities of learners are encouraged and
T houghtful and purposeful in everything we plan and do.
E xperiences planned on our best judgement for the whole and
A ttention to students’ progress through assessment which informs our
C oncepts build on one another in an intentionally planned curriculum
H elping every child to persevere through challenges.
E xpectations are reasonable but rigorous.
R elaying assessment information to families so they can support their
student developmentally at home.