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Amazing Argentina Final

Amazing Argentina
Shubham | Spanish | 9/19/18
Argentina is the second largest country in the South America after Brazil and the
eight largest country in the world. The Argentine government is a Republic
Democracy and the currency is Pesos.
In the north, Argentina borders Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil. The Pampas are
found in the northern side of Argentina. It has fertile lands for farming and grazing
for sheep and cattle. Tierra del Fuego, a group of islands, and Patagonia region are
located toward the south of this beautiful country. In the east of Argentina, the
Atlantic Ocean can be seen while in the west, stands the largest mountain range in
the world, the Andes Mountains. Near the border between Brazil and Argentina
the mesmerizing Iguazu Falls is located. For Argentina this is the biggest tourist
attraction especially when there are 275 falls in total. Back to the Patagonia Region,
here the world-famous glacier can be seen, the Perito Moreno Glacier. This region
is so cold because it is close to Antarctica.
Most people live in the fascinating city of Buenos Aires, capital of
Argentina, also known as “Paris of South America” for its European influences.
Although the national sport in Argentina is Pato (a mix if basketball and polo),
their favorite sport is soccer. Diego Maradona a world- famous soccer player, and
Lionel Messi or Magical Messi are admired by the whole world as they are creating
history in soccer. Also, Quirino Cristiani the first person in the world to make an
animated film in 1917 and 1918. The famous Latin dance and music form, Tango
was born in Buenos Aires. The dancers, with their elaborate dance moves, tell a sad
story in the Tango dance. There are many delicious foods, that come from
Argentina, like Asado, Mate Tea, a tea made with yerba mate (an herb), Dulce de
Leche (milk candy), Empanadas (stuffed pockets), and Carbonada. The festivals in
Argentina are very interesting. These include Folklore National Festival, Carnival,
Tango Festival, Vendimia, and Oktoberfest. Argentina is a great tourist destination
for its natural beauty, colorful surroundings, delicious food and vibrant festivals.