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Edward Scissorhands-Descriptive Writing Task

Edward Scissorhands: Descriptive Writing Task
Task 1
Directions: Read the following paragraphs below and write a
much better, more descriptive version for each.
1. I climbed the stairs to the top of the castle and ended up
in a kind of attic room with lots of huge holes in it so that
I could see the sky. I could hear creaking in the corner and
saw something was moving down there.
2. I saw the thing in the corner start to move. I thought it was a scared person who
was hiding from and called out to them to out and say hi. He walked towards me
and I could see that his hands were scissors! I told him to stay away from me and
turned to leave but he begged me not to go. He walked towards me and stopped in
front of me. His face was white and had scars on it. His hair was black and sticking
up. His eyes were black but sad not evil.
Task 2
Descriptive Writing Task
Write a piece of descriptive writing
using Peg’s first experience of the
castle grounds and Edward as your
You may write in the first person (I
crept) or second person (she crept/Peg
Read the help sheets very carefully as
these will give you the tools to achieve
the highest grade.
What you must include:
1. Your work must be paragraphed correctly – a new paragraph for every new piece of
dialogue, every change in speaker every new point, every change in place.
2. Contain detailed description including interesting and original words, similes, metaphors
and sentences of 3. Use a thesaurus to select more effective vocabulary.
3. When writing descriptively you need to write in so much detail that someone would be
able to draw an image about what you have written.
4. Contain a variety of different sentence
types (some short, some long)
Simple sentences and complex
Simple: the cat sat on the mat
Complex: the cat sat nonchalantly on
the mat, and licked his milky white paw
5. Contain a variety of punctuation
throughout your writing ( , ! ? )
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