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Twenty Questions on the French and Indian War

One member of the group writes the answer to the question. Then
hands the board and marker to the next group member who will write
the answer to the next question. All group members get a turn to write
answers. All group members share their ideas before the answer is
written. You may use your text book (pg. 246-249) for help.
 How
did the French and Indian
War get it’s name?
British were fighting the French and
their Native American allies.
Why did France and Great
Britain fight each other? (247)
They both wanted
to control the
Ohio River Valley.
 Where
was the first battle at?
Fort Duquesne (doo KAIN)
 Who
led the small group of
American/British troops to
force the French out of the
Ohio River Valley?
George Washington
Did Washington win?
 Yes
 What
did Washington’s troops
do after they won? (247)
They built Fort Necessity
 What
happened next?
Large French Army attacked the fort.
 Did
Washington win?
 No
 Who
helped the French?
Many groups of Native Americans
 How
did the French learn
to fight?
The French learned to fight like the Native
They learned to use surprise attacks.
 How
did the British fight?
Marched in the open battlefield in long rows.
 Why
did the British colonists
want control of the
Ohio River Valley? (think)
To settle the land
 What
happened that turned
the war in favor of
Great Britain?
William Pitt sent more money, troops, and
equipment to America.
William Pitt was the
Prime Minister in
Great Britain.
The British took Fort Duquesne
in 1758. What did they
rename it?
Fort Pitt
What tribe changed sides in the war
and helped Great Britain?
 What
did Britain promise for
the Iroquois help?
They would keep
the colonist away
from the
Iroquois lands.
 Why
did France give Spain most
of Louisiana? (248)
To keep it
out of Britain’s
 What
treaty ended this war and
gave Great Britain all of France’s
land in the Ohio River Valley,
Canada, and Florida?
The Treaty of Paris
 What
was the
Proclamation of 1763?
It set aside all British land
west of Appalachian Mountains
for Native Americans.
Why were the Colonists angered
by the Proclamation of 1763?
They could not settle western lands
and they could
not join in the
fur trade.