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LA Black history month project

LA - Black History Research Project
Directions: Use the list provided or come up with your own topic. Then start researching your figure in Black
History to compose THREE of the following, one from each category:
(1) google slides, movie, video
(2) rap, song, poetry, essay
(3) poster, timeline, chart, etc.
Procedures: Research famous Black Americans or a critical era for Black Americans. Create your THREE
informational pieces from above.
Project Topics: Famous Black American • The Middle Passage • Slavery in America • Civil War
and Reconstruction • Abolition • Great Migration • Harlem Renaissance • Jim Crow Segregation Era •
Civil Rights Movement • Post-Civil Rights Movement • Modern Times • Artists • Political Activists •
Inventors • Spiritual Leaders • Business People • Writers • Musicians • Athletes • Entertainers • AfricanAmerican Firsts •
 Minimum THREE information pieces
 A minimum of 5 reputable sources
 Outline or rough draft
 Final work due by Friday, 2/26 & 2/27
 Works Cited Page with your 5 sources listed
 Visual aids for your presentation
Your work must include
5 OF THE FOLLOWING SUB-TOPICS about your project:
Government and Politics:
 Who was the President during the era?
 What were the major political issues of the era?
 Were there any Supreme Court cases of great importance?
 Was there a war going on? If so, who was involved? Why?
 If there was no overt war going on, what was the focus of the military?
 What types of weapons were used in the military at the time?
 What artists were big during that era?
 What types of music were popular? Why?
 What instruments were being played?
Science and Technology:
 What was technology like during the era?
 What were some of the inventions and how did these inventions affect society?
 Were there any major medical advancements?
 Who were some of the major contributors to the advancements that were made?
Art and Literature:
 What type of art was prevalent during this era?
 What type of literature was prevalent during this era?
 How were the arts being affected by what was happening in the world?
 Who were some of the major writers and artists of the time?
 What were some of the major movies during this time period?
 Who were some of the major actors/actresses during this time?
 Where and how were movies/plays made?
 What were the major trends during this time?
 What kind of advertisements were there for these clothes?
 Were the fashions different for persons of different age groups?
Works Cited Page:
You must have 5 different sources that you use in your black history project. When you create your Works
Cited Page, all your entries must be listed in ABC order. Once you find a sources, go to
www.scrible.com and the website will CREATE THE CITATION FOR YOU!
Black History Project is due February 26 & 27, 2019