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Early Intervention for Jana

He can’t really learn communication and language unless he can focus.
verbal response “that’s not a choice” “ohhh that’s sad.”
remove item or move him to an environment “goodbye cups”
verbal praise “Yes! Hooray! That’s a choice” “That’s happy” “That’s a happy
Receptive language - Following one-step direction: “Jax, come here.”
Temptation – desirable
verbal praise “Yes! Hooray! Jax, you did it.”
Expressive language:
Focused stimulation - at the single-word level
Narration – label
Restrain to keep some focus to sit down and play
Oral-motor play – mouth sounds – moving lips and tongue – repetition of
Withholding – some things are held back and he must request
Cup and ball – “ball in” “dump out”
Give me the _____ from 3 items
Spin and flip on garage
Slide – up/down
Shoes – walking – on/off
Lifting him up and down
Music - make little songs, find videos on YouTube
School District - Hearing test – Early Intervention
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