1-11 Congresspeople Research Thing

 Today, you will be conducting biographical research on YOUR
congresspeople! As voters, you will need to know who these people are
and some of what they stand for. You will be writing these in your
 For BOTH of Georgia’s TWO Senators:
 Names and political party
 Where they’re from
 What they did before they were a Senator (Explain! Don’t just put the
 How long they’ve been a Senator
 What they’ve done (important bills they have sponsored or signed,
 Some kind of “extra info.” (are they popular? Do they support the
President? Stuff like that)
 For YOUR Representative:
 You’ll pretty much do the same thing, but you need to start by going
to this website: https://ziplook.house.gov/htbin/findrep_house
You’ll plug in the zip code you live in (for most of you it will be either
30014 or 30016) then, if it doesn’t give you ONE representative (it’ll say
something like “your zip code is in overlapping districts”) you’ll need to
pick one
 Once you’ve found your representative, do the same stuff you did for
the senators (name and political party, where they’re from, etc.)
 When you’ve done your representative, choose another Georgia
representative to do the same thing
 Maybe you have family that lives in another district? That might be a
good place to start!