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Chapter 1-2 Quiz

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Lesson Quiz 1-2
An Invitation to Sociology
DIRECTIONS: Matching Match each item with the correct statement below.
________ 1. stressed that people behave based on their own understanding
of a situation
A. W.E.B. Du Bois
B. Émile Durkheim
________ 2. writer who believed that there is conflict between the bourgeoisie
and the proletariat
C. Karl Marx
________ 3. social reformer and co-founder of Chicago’s Hull House
D. Max Weber
________ 4. social activist who was involved in the Pan-African movement
E. Jane Addams
________ 5. sociologist who stressed the importance of consensus in a society
DIRECTIONS: Multiple Choice Indicate the answer choice that best completes the statement or answers
the question.
________ 6. Karl Marx believed that class conflict was inevitable because
A. latent functions are more common than manifest functions.
B. social interdependence always leads to social unrest.
C. Social Darwinism states that a classless society is the most stable type of society.
D. workers will eventually overthrow capitalists just as enslaved persons overthrew their owners.
________ 7. Jane Addams
B. believed everyone should find his or her social-class level without outside interference.
C. was the first person to research the social structure of African American communities.
D. is considered the founder of symbolic interactionism.
________ 8. The theory that society benefits when each individual finds his or her own social-class level
without outside interference is called
A. group conformity.
C. group imagination.
B. class conflict.
D. Social Darwinism.
________ 9. Harriet Martineau is considered an early feminist theorist because she
A. thought that conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie was inevitable.
B. wrote about the link between slavery and the oppression of women.
C. campaigned for equal pay for women.
D. believed women were free to find their own social-class level.
_______ 10. Who was the social worker who studied the lives of people along the Mexican-American border?
A. Charles Darwin
C. George Herbert Mead
B. Jane Addams
D. Julian Samora
Sociology and You
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A. was concerned about the exploitation of the lower class.