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Rhetorical Analysis Song Project

Rhetorical Analysis Song Project
Rhetorical devices are words meant to convey meaning, persuade, or evoke emotion. Rhetorical
and Literary Devices are techniques used in writing that produce a specific effect. Most rhetorical
and literary devices help the audience focus on particular words or phrases in order for the writer
to get his or her purpose across. They can be found in all types of texts, not just stories or poems.
Most people love to listen to music, and to help you understand how common
rhetorical and literary devices are, and how they work, this project will focus on how the devices
function to achieve purpose in songs. While we will spend limited time in class to work on the
project; it is urged to complete the project on your own time.
Name and URL of Text (Song):
Rhetorical Devices **you may also use Literary Devices
Rhetorical Device/Appeal
Example from Song (text)
Thesis Statement: Insert your open or closed thesis statement here. Remember, your thesis
statement should: State the claim of the song, the big idea (or relevant point the song makes), and
the 2-3 appeals or devices the author uses, and an in order to do what phrase.
Steps to the Project:
1. Pick a classroom appropriate song with a combination of at least 10 rhetorical and literary
2. Copy and paste your song lyrics onto a Word Document. Make sure your song title and song
artist is at the top of the page. 3. You MUST get your song approved before continuing on your
4. Analyze your song. Find at least 10 literary devices and explain their purpose and effect. 5.
Create a visual to present to the class.
6. Write a Rhetorical Analysis explaining the purpose and effect of the 10 devices you found in
your song.
7. Make sure to include a Works Cited Citation on the back of you project. Correctly cite your
source using MLA format. 8. Present your presentation, Speak loudly and clearly as you explain
each literary device. This is a presentation grade.
Presentation Rubric: This is a project and counts for 100 summative points.
Song Lyrics – copy handed in prior to presentation (5 pts)
Written Rhetorical Analysis - Accuracy and Explanation of Rhetorical Devices
Example provided is the correct literary device and an in-depth analysis of the literary device and its purpose is given. 5
points each for each example. (50 pts)
Visual Representation - Poster /Power Point/Google
(5 mins) for presentation (15 pts)
Song Presentation is visually appealing and engaging to the audience. Text is easy to read and examples are large
enough to read. The theme of the song is can easily be seen.
Presentation (20 pts)
All members of the group MUST explain a portion of the song. Graded on presentation skills: voice projection, eye contact,
posture, and body language.
Works Cited Citation - correctly formatted in MLA (10 pts)
10/11 & 15 for B day class.
10/10 & 10/14 for A day classes.
**Dates may be adjusted at teacher’s discretion***