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Build A Bird Genetic Shuffle Intro copy

Gene Shuffling
• What is it?
• When does it occur?
• Why is it important?
Build A Bird Genetic Shuffle
• Going to be performing the cross-over between chromosomes and
shuffling genes
• Making a pigeon zygote
• Interpreting your pigeon’s genotype and drawing it’s phenotype
• Gene vs Allele
• Dominant vs Recessive
• Genotype vs Phenotype
Build A Bird
Helpful Hints & Rules
• Working in partners
• Answer Pre- lab questions BEFORE cutting. Come to me for a check
mark to get your chromosomes.
• DO NOT cut the chromosomes apart until Step 4, after each
chromosome has a different combination of alleles
• Fertilization: each partner will randomly select a male and female and
have their own zygote
Everyone will turn in a pigeon with circled traits AND lab
Things To Know
• Recessive Red and Spread both mask wing pattern! If you get either
or both of these, your pigeon will be all the same color
• Gene= unit of DNA located on a chromosome that controls a trait
• Allele= different forms of a gene
• Genotype= genetic makeup ex. RR, Rr, rr
• Phenotype = how the genotype is physically expressed.