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Karst Topography

1. According to Sciencelearn.org, four natural features associated with karst topography
in Florida include, sinkholes, caves, natural bridges and fluting.
2. One karst topography feature that occurs in Florida is sinkholes, which is very
common throughout the state of Florida due to the hydrologic changes and porous
limestone beneath the surface. Sinkholes are present throughout the state of Florida, but
one area in particular where much concern is focused would be near the Villages
retirement community in south Florida. Sinkholes are known to appear due to changes in
the water table and physical properties. Some examples that can influence a sinkhole
include, drilling wells, clearing land, and rerouting surface-water drainage. In the
Villages, as construction was hastily completed, measurable strains on the water
resources of the region have affected the unique ecosystem. By re-routing and reducing
how the water naturally drains, you alter the natural recharge patterns of water systems
throwing off the equilibrium that exists between subsurface cavities and overburden
materials, which, in turn, can induce the formation of sink holes.
3. Two main factors that can cause sinkholes are either too much water, or too little
water. Both of these extreme factors influenced sinkholes in the Villages. Prior to
hurricane Irma, the Villages were in a drought, but when hurricane Irma made landfall,
they experienced extreme rainfall, which caused too much water. Such extreme levels can
cause an influx of sinkholes as a result of pooled water straining the soil as well as the
sudden influx of groundwater, which has the tendency to wash out cavities.
4. Yes. I think humans should be aware of the land and how our actions have
consequential reactions. Sinkholes are unpredictable, so they’re hard to necessarily
‘avoid’, but if we take care of the land, and respect the topography, I believe there will be
less in the future. I also think we should monitor the water tables and understand our
consumption of water and how we build and expand our communities to prevent future
devastations. I do believe this would be an expensive task, but before carelessly tapping
into the land to build communities and drill wells, we should be aware of the affect on the
local resources beneath us. If water consumption is causing issues, perhaps we should
find alternative methods and reduce our consumption.