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Human Body Corporation copy

You are a body system, employed with the Human Body Corporation. Due to recent cost
increases, HBC has been forced to lay off some of its workers.
You will be asked to write a letter to the Head of the HBC (The Brain, aka Mrs. Vitaioli) and the
Board of Directors (your classmates) that outlines your position in the company. You must clearly
explain the relevance of your role, as the company is quite large, and will only keep employees
who are vital to the Corporation’s success. This letter will be used in a short presentation that you
will give to defend your position within the HBC.
The Task
You must complete a persuasive, first-person letter to the Board of Directors and present your
case to the Board. In your letter, you must provide answers to the following questions:
What is your name? (i.e. the name of your system)
What is your job? What exactly do you do, and why is that job important to the
success of the HBC?
What are your major components, structures, functions and products?
Where are you found within the Human Body Corporation?
What are five interesting facts about you?
What other departments (body systems) do you work with in the Human Body
Corporation? How?
What would happen to the Human Body Corporation if you were 'fired'? Try to be as
specific as possible. Some things to consider – Could the HBC function without you? Would the
body develop a disease? If yes, how would this disease affect how the body functions.
Systems include:
The Skin
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
The Nervous System
The Circulatory System
The Lymphatic System
The Respiratory System (p. 428-435)
The Digestive System (p. 442-452)
The Excretory System (p. 453-457)
These are the guideline questions which I will be referring to, when evaluating your letter:
Was the students' letter convincing? 20 points/ _________
Did the students clearly answer all of the given questions? 60 points/ _________
Did the students organize their material logically? 10 points/ _________
Did the students use proper grammar when writing their letter? 5 points/ _________
Were there any spelling mistakes in their letter? 5 points/ _________
Possible total 100 points/ ___________