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Portfolio Assignment (1)

ECED 1060
The portfolio assignment is the culminating assignment of the Observation/Assessment
Unit of this course. You have previously observed and recorded children’s behavior
through a tracking observation, a timed observation, and an anecdotal observation.
Now you will demonstrate how those and other informal observations of children’s
behavior can be organized to communicate a child’s development across all
developmental domains.
A portfolio is one method used by many teachers to organize information. A portfolio is
a collection of evidence that reveals different aspects of an individual child’s growth and
development over time. Remember that a true portfolio is a work in progress, not a
final product, although your project will be a finished product due to the nature of the
assignment. Your final product will be given to the child’s parent. You will also want to
prepare a copy of your final product for your Graduation Seminar Professional Portfolio.
Requirements of the Portfolio Assignment:
 You must develop a portfolio for either the toddler (12-36 months) or the
preschool child (3-5 years) from your Informal Observation Assignment. If this is
not possible, speak to your instructor before proceeding with this assignment.
The design of the portfolio is at your discretion, though visual appeal, durability,
and functionality (storage) should be considered.
o In face-to-face classes, three ring binders are recommended.
o In web sections of this course, submissions should be electronic whenever
possible. Acceptable submission formats include Microsoft PowerPoint,
Publisher, or Word. PDFs may also be submitted. Alternate forms of
submission should be approved by the instructor.
should be included in your portfolio?
A Table of Contents
A personalized Parent Letter (example attached)
The “Introduce Us to Your Child” Questionnaire (see attached)
 This questionnaire should NOT be changed or added to. It should
be completed, as is, by the parent.
o Permission Slip (see attached)
o At least one example of each of the following forms of observation:
 Tracking observations,
 Time sampling observations,
 Anecdotal observations,
 Developmental checklist, (dated)
 Work samples (dated), and
Photographs (dated with informative caption)
Notes on required observations:
 New observations of tracking, time sampling, and anecdotal
observations need to be completed for the portfolio
assignment. You may not use your observations from the
observation assignment.
 Students will find and complete a developmental checklist
for the purposes of this assignment.
The portfolio should provide clear evidence of the child’s development across
various developmental domains: Physical/Motor (Gross & Fine Motor), Self-Help,
Cognitive/Language, Social/Emotional, and Creative. These not only need to be
included in the portfolio but should be labeled so that the reader can clearly see
the different areas of development.
ECED 1060
Grading Criteria
Name: ________________________________ Date: _________________
_____ Design of portfolio is professional: visually appealing, durable, functional
(10 points)
_____ Portfolio includes the following
o Table of Contents (5 points)
o Personalized Parent Letter (5 points)
o Child Information Questionnaire (5 points)
o Permission Slip (10 points)
_____ Required Observation Techniques (30 points)
Portfolio includes at least one example of all required observation techniques
All observations and captions are objective in nature and follow prescribed
format, per instructions.
 Tracking
 Time Sampling
 Anecdotal
 Checklist
 Photograph
 Work Sample
_____ Portfolio includes additional components that demonstrate the developing child.
(15 points)
_____ Portfolio clearly demonstrates child’s development across developmental domains
(10 points)
 Physical/Motor (Gross & Fine Motor),
 Self-Help,
 Cognitive/Language,
 Social/Emotional, and
 Creative
_____ Quality of written work (spelling, grammar, formatting, etc) (10 points)
Total Points