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Discussion Unit 5

Error 1:
Severity level: 3 (Critical)
Description: The system was unable to read the required file from the URL that was inserted. To
correct the error, it is important to verify the URL path and the security settings on the file the
path leads to.
Error 2:
Severity level: 3 (Critical)
Description: The messages appears when debugging messages are being created so rapidly that
display cannot keep up. The messages may not be seen, and the error message replaces the lost
messages. to fix the problem there are two main options: turn of console logging or use
conditional debugging.
Error 3:
Severity level: 0 (Emergency)
Description: The message indicates a critical serial bridge input output even occurred. If this
error message arises the system will automatically reload the piece of hardware causing the
error to pop up.
I would limit messages based on severity level. The second error message example given shows how too
many messages can cause an error if they are being generated too quickly. I would not want this to
happen and miss a severity level 0-2, which require immediate action. I think keeping 0-4 severity levels
is best because 5-7 are considered normal, informational, and debugging messages only.
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