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Mcq`s about the quran.
Al-Quran General Knowledge Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Book of Allah?
01. How many Sura are in Al-Quran? 114
02. Al-Quran is divided into how many parts? 30
03. How many time Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem is repeated? 114
04. How many Sura start with Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem? 113
05. Which Sura does not starts with Bismillah? SuraTauba
06. In which SuraBismillah came twice? SuraNaml
07. Which is the longest Sura of Al-Quran? Al-Baqarah.
08. The longest verse of Al-Quran is in which Sura? Al-Baqarah No.282
09. Which is the best night mentioned in Al-Quran? Night of Qadr
10. Which is the best month mentioned in Al-Quran? Ramzan
11. Which Sura is called the Heart of Al-Quran? Yaseen
12. Which Sura is called Aroos-ul-Quran? SuraRehman
13. Which Sura is considered as 1/3 of Al-Quran? SuraIkhlas
14. How many Sura are Makki and how many are Madni? Makki 86, Madni 28
Note: Some Sura's are mix of both Makki and Madni
There are 6666 verses (Ayats) in the Qur’an.
There are 10 different kinds of verses (Ayats) in the Qur’an. They are:
1. Promise verses 1000
2. Warning verses 1000
3. Forbidden (haram) verses 1000
4. Order verses 1000
There are five famous names of Quran
The number of Katbeen-e-Wahi is 40
The number of “Rukoo“ in Quran is 558
Quran wahi is “ Matlo
Miracles are associated only with the Prophets.
Karamat is associated only with pious people “Waliullah
What is the basic “Makhiz” of Islam
a. Quran -b.
C. Ijma -d . -Qayas
How many types of Verses are there in the Holy Quran
Muhkam & Mutashabih
The first Tadveen (compile) of Quran done by Hazrat Abu Ba kkr R.A
. The Second Tadveen of Quran done by Hazrat Usman R.A
. The word Quran means Words&, Meaning
Arabic Language is originated from …
Arabic Language is mixture of Hazrat Ismail (A.S) & Banu- Jurhum tribe