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Interviewee1:”If there is no electronic communication equipment, I think the
communication between people will become a lot more distant.”
Interviewee2:”I think our life will just be more fantastic. If all means of digital
communication are gone, messages from my boss will take a lot of time to reach
me, so this significantly reduce the trifle things that I need to deal with and I may
have more time to enjoy myself.”
Interviewee3:”I think the disappearance of the means of digital communication
will actually improve our relationship with others, since people will meet each
other in person to communicate, which will shorten the distance between
In my point of view, I think those responses all make sense. The disappearance
of the means of digital communication is like a double-edged sword; There are
both advantages and disadvantages. But I think the absence of digital
communication will slow down the development of technology.