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Recruitment Team

Recruitment Team
Team Schedule
1. Have a dedicated, quiet workspace at home.
2. As Adrian suggested yesterday, start Rita with one regular telework day per week at 6 months in
November (kinda like we did, Natalie). Rheana and Natalie move up to two days per week in
November (we both have been here for one year). Rita moves up to two days per week after 3
or 6 months of one day (so either February or May).
3. Post a dry erase calendar in our office with our schedules for the week. Make sure that at least
one recruiter is in the office each day, but stagger schedules so that usually two recruiters will
be in the office.
4. If there is a need for us all to be in-office (interviews, meetings, etc.), we will adjust our
telecommute days and come into the office accordingly.
Communications / Checking-In
5. Set a standard work schedule and communicate any changes (i.e. send a message in the group
text when we’re online, go out for lunch, offline, etc.)
6. At the end of each day, update the Recruiting board in Monday to show what each recruiter has
worked on for the day (i.e. Monday – sourced 15 candidates on Indeed and 15 candidates on
LinkedIn for 3 hours, handled benefits questions, reposted jobs, did research on xyz)