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Uniform Acceleration of the Car
v(m/s) 5
t (s)
10 15 20 25
Slope = change in velocity = Δv
change in time
Four Kinematic Equations
Vf = Vi + at
x = Vit + ½ at
Vf = Vi + 2ax
x = ½ (Vf + Vi)t
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
1) A car accelerates at 5.0 m/s2
from rest. After 7.0 s,
(a) what is its velocity?
(b) what is the distance covered?
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
2) A race car travels on a straight
racetrack with a forward velocity of
60 m/s and slows at a constant rate
to a velocity of 33 m/s over 22 s.
How far does it move during this
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
3) A car accelerates at a constant
rate from 16 m/s to 24 m/s while it
travels a distance of 138 m. How
long does it take to achieve the final
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
4) A jet aircraft being launched from
an aircraft carrier is accelerated
from rest along a 94-meter track for
2.5 s. What is the launch speed of
the jet?
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
5) Upton Chuck is riding the Giant
Drop at Great America. If Upton free
falls for 2.60 seconds, what will be
his final velocity and how far will he
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
6) A car starts from rest and
accelerates uniformly over a time of
5.21 seconds for a distance of 110
m. Determine the acceleration of
the car.
CL: Solve-Pair-Share
7) At a sports car rally, a car starting
from rest accelerates uniformly at a rate
of 9.0 m/s2 over a distance of 100m.
The time to beat is 4.5 s. Does the driver
do it? If not, what must be the
acceleration to do so?
Coin versus Paper
Free Fall
When a falling object is free
from air resistance and falls
under the influence of gravity
alone, it is in state of free fall.
Galileo Galilei
discovered 400 years
ago that neglecting
air resistance, all
objects in free fall
have the same
Free Fall
The acceleration of a free
falling body is constant. It is
called acceleration due to
gravity (g).
Acceleration of Falling bodies
• As an object falls freely, its speed
increases at a constant rate.
• It undergoes uniform acceleration.
• Just like an object in free fall, there are
times in your life when you feel down.
What do you do during these times? How
do you motivate yourself to stay positive
and persevere to reach your goals?