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Poetry Unit Project Options

Poetry Unit Project Options
During the 3-week poetry unit, students will learn about the various elements of poetry.
As part of the assessment, students will prepare a 100-point project that demonstrates
their knowledge. There will be two options for the projects; students must select one
and begin working on it during the first week of the unit. The projects are due and will be
presented to the class during the final week of the unit.
Option I: Music as Poetry Project
Bring the lyrics and actual music for your chosen song to class. The lyrics must
be typed and the song must be on CD or cassette. Your chosen music must
meet standards of appropriateness (no profanity, expressions of hatred, etc.)
Write an essay in which you analyze the lyrics of your song. Be sure to include
the elements included on your study guide (figurative language, ballad,
alliteration, imagery, limerick, lyric, metaphor, simile, personification, rhyme,
rhythm, symbolism and theme.)
Present to the class by making the typed lyrics available, playing the song, and
then giving a brief verbal summary of your analysis.
Option II: Poetry Portfolio Project
Write a collection of poems. These must be your own original works. You must
include at least one example of each of the following types: Acrostic, ABC,
Ballad, Biopoem, Cinquain, Concrete, Free Verse, Haiku, Limerick, and Ode.
Type and illustrate your poems. (You may hand-write concrete poems, due to the
format.) Illustrations must be appropriate to the poem's subject and should help
to convey the sense of emotion or subject of each poem. Illustrations may be in
any media (marker, colored pencils, watercolors, etc.) Completed poems must be
assembled into a bound booklet with a cover page.
Present to the class by reading three of your poems aloud and passing your
portfolio around the room for review.
Due Dates:
Enjoy, get creative, and get writing!