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Mesopotamia and Egypt – Unit Review
I. Define the following terms:
1. city-state _____
a. rich, fertile soil that is good for
2. Mesopotamia _____
b. the writing of ancient Sumer
3. ziggurat _____
c. belief in many gods
4. hieroglyphics _____
d. the first written law code
5. silt _____
e. a temple in ancient Sumer that
served as both a religious and
government center
6. Assyrians _____
f. people who first used iron to
make tools and weapons
7. Hittites ______
g. a stone containing ancient Greek,
demotic Egyptian, and hieroglyphics
which helped decipher the
hieroglyphic language
8. Code of Hammurabi ______
h. means “land between two rivers”
9. cuneiform ______
i. a city and the land surrounding it
10. polytheism ______
j. the writing of ancient Egypt
11. Rosetta Stone ______
k. people who conquered the
Hittites and Egyptians, militaristic,
made advances in medicine
Picture Identification
Identify the following pictures and write which civilization (Mesopotamia or
Egypt) they are from.
Name: ___________
Name: ______________
Civilization: __________ Civilization: __________
Name: ___________
Civilization: ________
Name: ___________
Civilization: ________
III. Short Answer
1. What are the 5 features of civilization?
2. What were the two important rivers in Mesopotamia?
3. What was the Red and Black Land according the ancient
4. Describe the social pyramid of ancient Egypt.