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5 Marxcism Criticism

It is based on political an economic theories of Karl Marx.
This approach considers the Human History as a series of
struggles between social classes (between the oppresed and
Karl Marx is one of the most influential socialists thinkers of
the 19Th Century.
Some of his most notable work are:
The German idiology (1846)
And the Communist Manifesto (1848)
Friederich Engles
He was Marx´s best friend. He shared
the Mark´s socialist beliefs and provided
financial as well as intelectual support
while Marx developed his theories.
Some of his major Works are:
The Condition of the Working Class in
England (1844)
Co-authored The Communist Manifesto
Engels and Marx
They founded the social and
economic system of Marxism
in the 19th Century, it is the
opposite of the Capitalism.
The Marxist Theory
It argues that the way we think and
experience our world are conditioned
by the way the economy is organized,
the material conditions control
thoughts not vice versa.
Bourgeoisie: The name given by Marx to the
owners of the means of production in a society
Definitions of
some terms
used in Marxist
Idiology: A belief system
Proletariat: the name given by Marx to the
workers in a society
Capitalism: Is an economic system that is based
on the ownership of the means of production and
the creation of goods and services for profit.
It is based on a private ownership and
motivation by profit. Marx criticized
capitalism for its tendency to abuse of
working class or the proletariat, by paying
a wage that barely guarantees the
Marxist Idiology
Marxism utilizes socialism concepts of public
Marxism theorizes that in order to remove
the proletariat from its poor economic
situation, a socialist revolution must occur to
remove the ruling class
from the
It promotes the idea
that literature should
be a tool in the
Marxcism ideology
believes that the
literature text has
always a relationship
with the society.
It attemps to clarify
the relationship of the
literary work to the
social reality.
It judges literature by
how it represents the
main struggle for the
It is foccused on
matters such as:
culture, social class,
race and power.
Analyzing a Marxist text
Economic system is the
moving force behind
human History
To explain any social
context or genre it is
necessary to
understand the
historical circumstances
The conflict here is the
friction between the
proletariat and the
Marx asserted that
reality is material not
The higher class
controls: art, literature
and idiologies.
Analyzing a Marxist text
Marxist thought relies on
relationships between
individuals and how the
characters interact
Looks at the level of luxury
that each individual has and
how much of them have to
Looks how characters use their
free time, the Marxist critique
arguments that individuals can
use free time productively
Asses the role of government
in the literature work
What role does the social class play in the literary text?
What is the author's analysis in the relations of social
What do
Marxcist Critics
What does the literary text say about oppression and
social conflicts?
What is the economic status of the characters?
What happen to them as a result of this status?
What other conditions derived from the social class
emphasizes the writer?
In what other ways does the economic
determinism affect the work and workers?
What do
Marxcist Critics
How Marxist literature can influence society
and what repercussions it reflects in our
How readers should consider this story in
today´s developed or undeveloped world?
What conflicts between the bourgeoisie and
the proletariat are reflected in the literary