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My Decision-Making Agreement and Matrix

My Decision-Making Agreement & Matrix
 Students will independently complete the handouts identified as “My Decision-Making
Agreement and My Decision-Making Matrix to better understand the process of individual
decision making.
 Time: 15-20 mins.
Handout, pen, pencil
 Facilitator/Presenter will begin the activity by:
Asking students to think about the things and processes they consider when going
about making decisions and how they relate to a bigger goal the student may have.
Students will be directed to complete the information on the handouts and to engage in
thinking honestly about the information requested to complete the chart.
Students will be told that the information will be for their use only in generating future
goals as they learn more about problem solving, making responsible decisions and
setting realistic goals.
Participants will discuss insights about what they observed and have learned about this
Journaling Activity:
Students will engage in reflecting and writing what they learned about decisionmaking matrix process.
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My Decision-Making Agreement & Matrix
decisions in my life
How must I be
Who will Make The
final decision?
Dixon & Associates Consulting Services, LLC
When and who
Will review It?
Decision Making Matrix
Making A Choice – Things to Consider
My Ideas
How Much
Time will
it take?
I need
How much
will the
idea cost?
Does the
idea meet
my goal?
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Score the
idea 1 out
of 10