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SNC2D Course Culminating Activity unit B

Activity 1: Culminating Activity Assignment
Assignment: Culminating Assignment
Complete the following assignment and submit your work to your teacher.
Make sure your name appears on the top of each page. Ensure you cite and reference your sources.
Introduction: You will be researching the different areas of the grade 10 science course to investigate
how technology, chemicals, and/or environmental factors can affect and influence you as a human.
There are four parts in the culminating activity - biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and
physics. You will need to complete only two of these parts. You get to choose. Remember to
complete the written portion of your research in your own words.
Unit B - Biology: Tissues, Organs, and Systems
Task: Research only one of the following technologies used in Canada. Write a one page report in
sentence form and in your own words. Check for spelling and grammar after completing your
summary and add visuals related to your research topic.
Questions: Answer one of the following questions:
a. Describe how ultrasound is used to monitor fetal development.
b. Describe the ways that nuclear isotopes (nuclear medicine) can be helpful to the human body
and some of the risks involved in this technology.
The following resources may be used along with other reputable websites to complete the
Kids Health - Ultrasound type in Kids Health, ultrasound because this link does not work
How Stuff Works – Pregnancy Ultrasound
How Stuff Works – Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
5. Radiation Safety