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A Proprietary Colony

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Section 1: A Proprietary Colony
Directions: Match the following vocabulary terms on the left with the definition on the right.
1. naval stores
2. quitrent
3. prerogative party
4. popular party
5. Culpepper’s Rebellion _____
6. dissenter
7. Cary’s Rebellion
a. A person who disagreed with the
beliefs of the Anglican church
b. Group in North Carolina that
believed in a government as
independent of the people as
c. An uprising in which the popular
party took over the North Carolina
d. Products from pine trees, such as
pitch and tar, used in shipbuilding
e. A land tax used by the Proprietors to
help cover the costs of governing the
f. North Carolina group that believed
that the will of the people should
determine government actions
g. An armed rebellion in 1712, led by
former governor Thomas Cary
against Governor Edward Hyde
Section 1 Assessment questions
Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
1. Briefly identify each of the following: (a) John Pory and (b) Sir William Berkeley.
2. Describe the main offices of government established in Albemarle County.
3. Why did the Proprietors want to encourage the quick settlement of Carolina?