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why we need college

Cassidy Rudd
February 15, 2016
Dr. Gilmore
Comp 110
Essay # 1
College is Necessary
The past has shown repeatedly that people who have earned a college education will be
much more likely to be economically secure, find jobs easier, be happier, and have gained
valuable knowledge. Deciding to go to college is a necessity that has changed my life, it has
given me a fresh start that helped me with a transitioning to becoming independent, budgeting,
adapting to change, and taking on new responsibilities.
A big part of why I believe college is necessary is because it creates a do over, meaning a
place where people forget about drama that happened in high school and gives a chance of
redemption. Every now and then, all a person needs is a fresh start in life. College is a time for
people to put away old routines and old egos, and figure out who they are meant to be. This may
sound cliché, but I have found it to be true of myself as well as many other people I know.
People who fall under this category are young people who are transitioning from childhood to
adulthood. For instance, I had a hard time in high school figuring out where I belonged in every
aspect. For example, I made the wrong friends, which made my priorities change leading to my
grades in high school to plummet. After learning from my poor decision-making in high school, I
told myself I would change my ways in college and discover who I really am supposed to be.
College made me ready for life it gave me a clean slate to not look back and only move forward.
College is the perfect opportunity to break out of that old shell and become someone totally new.
I believe that not only does college create a fresh start, but it also creates life lessons to get
people ready for the real world.
I believe everyone needs to experience college not just because of the partying and the
freedom that comes along with the title, but college helps prepare you for life. Freedom is not
something people are given, freedom is something people overtime earn by trial and error. For
example, in college I thought I would be able to do anything and everything, feeling impossible
to stop. Then, reality hit me. College taught me that I have to be on my game and realize what
my top priorities are. When I first started college, I was too busy worrying about how my social
life was about rather than my school life. I thought because nobody stood over top of me telling
me what is due or when I have to study that I would be just fine. Unfortunately, the opposite
happened me to me and I had a rude awaking. I found out what grades I had received and I
deserved them because I was not doing my part for school, which then college made me realize
that it was serious business. I made a plan to myself to take that freedom and turn it into being
independent. I promised myself my degree was more important than my friends because if they
are truly my friends they would understand college comes first, as well as because they are in the
same boat as me. I believe that college taught me I need to independent and rely on myself
instead of thinking that I am free, because in the end it is my independence that will get me to
reach my goals. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons why there should be a need for
college education. College teaches people the hard there are many different paths you can take