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History Speech

Alexander Bodden
What makes a pirate successful?
Amount of fear provoked in others
Amount of money, gold, silver, other boats stolen/captured
Bossy and commanding personality to get things done
Smart, stealthy to make hideouts that wouldn’t be found
1. Who was more successful (why and why was the other pirate not as successful)?
Stealing ships
Time as a pirate
Captured more gold
Captured numerous ships
including a large French slaving
vessel called La Concorde. It was
a 200-ton ship armed with
almost 60 cannons making it
one of the most formidable
pirate ships ever.
His beard was wild and unruly
(came up to his eyes), he
dressed all in black, strapped
several pistols to his chest, and
put slow burning fuses in his hair
and beard which sputtered and
gave off smoke.
Two years
Yes with a crew of 75.
Blackbeard was on the top ten
most richest pirates earning
12.5 mil dollars
Anne Bonny
Captured many vessels but they
were smaller in size.
She often dressed as a man when
she was pillaging or fighting so the
men would be afraid of her and
because women were considered
bad luck.
Two years
However, Anne Bonny does not rate
on the top ten richest pirates.
2. Conclusion: Blackbeard was a better pirate than Anne Bonny.