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Effect of salt on boiling water-1

Date: 08 October 2019
Topic: Effect of salt on boiling water
Aim: To investigate the effect of salt in boiling temperature of water.
Apparatus required (tick if present)
Safety goggles
Bunsen burner
Heat proof mat
Beakers X 3
Water to fill beakers with
Marker pens to mark on the beakers
Stop watch
Stirring rod
Measuring cylinder
Method: Working in groups, you need to heat water with your Bunsen burner and record
how quickly water boils based on the amount of salt added.
Step 1: Get a beaker, label this A
Beaker A – Row 1
Do not switch on the Flame yet.
Step 2: Next, take the beaker and fill it with 100ml of water using measuring cylinder.
Step 3: Take beaker A (with 100ml water) and add 1 part of salt using the spatula. Mix
using a stirring rod.
Step 4: Now place the Bunsen burner on a heatproof mat and place the tripod and gauze
over it.
Step 5: Light a splint, turn on the gas tap and switch on the Bunsen burner over the safety
flame first. Then turn to the roaring flame.
Step 6: Now place the beaker A over the gauze. Start the stop watch as soon as the
beaker is placed on the gauze.
Step 7: Place the thermometer in the beaker when the water starts to boil and record the
Temperature at which
water starts to boil
Time taken to boil
Beaker A
Remove the beaker carefully using tongs as touching it can cause burns.