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Management vs. Leadership

In my future role I will perform all of the ten managerial roles
identified by Henry Mintzberg. My position will rely heavily on the
interpersonal leadership roles. The author states interpersonal
skills are needed to successfully play interpersonal roles through
managing interpersonal relationships. (Lussier & Achua, 2016).
I envision myself in a role that influences education policy at the
national, state, district level or all three. Establishing
relationships is key in this capacity, because I have to understand
systemic issues and get to know the players in the arena. A large
part of my role will include planning and implementing programs
that lead to systemic changes. It requires that I collaborate with
a diverse group of stakeholders to bring about change. My role will
require I act as a figurehead for the organization in official
capacities such as in press interviews or other public forums. In
this position, I will develop partnerships with outside entities
whose goals align with my organization by attending professional
meetings and other functions.
As a leader in informational roles, it is essential that I monitor
progress of program implementation, disseminate information to
stakeholders about the status of programs and act as a
spokesperson with internal as well as external entities. This role
requires excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Finally in my future role decision making will be an essential part. I
will expected to be innovative, handle disputes or crisis involving
natural disasters and problems with facilities or equipment etc. In
addition a key function of the position is overseeing the budget.
Policies require funding and a huge expectation for fiscal
responsibility comes with this expectation. As a decision maker I
will be expected to negotiate with vendors, legislators and salaries
for employees.