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assignment lab operating system

1: Show priorities of all processes.
2: Show only one process with highest priority.
3: change the process priority of “7736” to -5 using renice command.
4: change the process priority “7736” to 0 using top command.
5: Add a user uol1 and check whether the user is locked or not by trouble shooting.
6: lock uol1 using GUI.
7: Change the full name of uol1 to “First User” using terminal.
8: Write a command to insert text on the terminal. The command should stop after
typing “END” and all the written text should be saved in a new file named file1.txt.
9: create two files named file2.txt and file3.txt respectively. Enter some text in both
files. Now write a command that merge the text of both files and copy into a new file
named file4.txt.
10: create a file named file5.txt and enter some text in it. Now send this file to user
“uol1”. Uol1 should edit this file.
11: Redirect all bash users in a file named users1.txt.
12: Redirect all users which are currently LOGGED IN in a file named log.txt.