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Chapter 7 Review

Chapter 7 Review
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and turn it in tomorrow.
1. Be able to describe the Monroe Doctrine
a. What was it? Who wrote it?
2. What is the Missouri Compromise?
a. Be THOROUGH on this – what is everything stated in it?
b. Who was the author of it?
c. Possible Bonus Question: what is another name for the Missouri Compromise?
3. Who is Henry Clay and what are some of his achievements?
4. What is the “Era of Good Feelings”? Why is it called that?
5. What is McCulloch v. Maryland? Why is it important?
6. Know EVERYTHING about the Cotton Gin!
a. Who created it?
b. Why was it important?
c. What was the goal of the Cotton Gin? Did it achieve the goal?
7. Describe the Election of 1824 in detail
a. Candidates
b. Possible Bonus Question: Who was the fifth candidate that dropped out?
c. What happened in the election?
d. Who ended up winning?
e. What did Jackson call this election?
8. Describe the Presidency of Andrew Jackson
a. Why was he so well-liked?
b. Why was he hated
i. Nullification Crisis?
ii. Indian Removal Act? Trail of Tears?
iii. Destruction of the Second National Bank of the U.S.?
9. Who are the Whigs?
a. Who created them (Clay and Webster)
b. What are some of their goals?
10. Know the election of 1840
a. Who wins?
b. What happens?