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2921 midterm

Problem Description
Nowadays, the development of the technologies and increasing use of internet
influences the lifestyle of the people. It also influenced and continue influencing
shopping behavior. They are preferring online shopping using their mobile or other
electronic gadgets and wants their required shipments in their sitting place on the same
day when they ordered. One of the employee “Bill” of a big international courier and
shipping service found that his city needs a same day courier service which is not
available in his current company. Thus, he started his own courier company “On the
Spot” for providing the same day courier and shipping services. Initially, he started his
business using mobile but after a few months, he needs a web system which could be
run using the web browser. It is recommended that the new courier service system is
developed which efficiently perform all types of courier services.
System Capabilities
System capabilities define the actual requirements of business which should be present
in the newly developed system. Here are some major capabilities which should be
available in the new OTS courier service system.
1. Capable to collect and store information about the clients. It should be able to
satisfy the needs of customers and able to display customized prices, contract to
the bill, invoicing, sales tracking, and electronic notification.
2. Capable to collect, store, and manage information about products and packages
which are required to be delivered.
3. Capable to generate all kind of reports such as revenue, billing, performance,
and so on.
4. Capable to provide online and real-time tracking of couriers so the customers
track their deliverables at any time.
5. Able to connect via mobile, WIFI, or another internet connection. It should be
secured and enabled with security mechanism for providing security to
information resides on the system.
Business benefits
The deployment of the new OTS courier service system will provide the following
benefits to Bill.
1. It will reduce the inventory cost which is mostly increased due to keeping the
couriers in a central warehouse for a long time. It efficiently moves the inventory
stocks from the warehouse.
2. It will also reduce the shipping cost as it is expensive to provide shipping one by
one. By contracting with any company regarding “same day delivery”, Bill can
save his expense for huge orders.
3. It will provide higher margins as when customers desperately need products then
they want on the same day and ready to pay any amount for this. Thus, it
automatically increases the margins.
4. It also reduces the risk of lost packages and delivery items. It reduces the stress
about keeping the packages securely in the warehouse as the company will send
required deliverable within hours after picking from the warehouse.
5. It also increases the business productivity and business structure of the courier
1) stakeholders- companies in the town, people who have items shipped through
courier service, employees of the courier service.
2) functional requirements
1) Store clients info in database
2) Generate reports for clients
3) Capable of tracking clients package
4) Allow client to track their package
5) Be responsive to all platforms
6) Wifi connect-ability
7) Encrypt clients private info such as credit card
8) Prompt client to sign in to access shipping info
9) Display shipping prices depending on multiple variables about shipment. (weight,
3). Questions
1)How will you use this feature?
2)How might we meet this business need?
3)How might we think about this feature a bit differently?
4)When will this feature be used?
5)Where would the user access this feature?
• Customers
• Stores shipping to customers
• management
2) use cases
• As a customer I want to track my package
• As the supplier I want to make sure my package was delivered
• As a customer I would like to see a history of past deliveries