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The population of the United States is currently 329,502,117. Ten years ago, the
population 308.7 million. Twenty years ago, it was ​281,982,778, and forty years ago it
was 226,542,199. Most of the population is located on the coasts.​ source
Within the Electoral College, key swing states include Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and
Pennsylvania. Texas, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and New Hampshire also have
the ability to be swing states as well. ​source
The political demographics of the United States currently favor Democrats, with roughly
29 percent of voters registered as Democrats currently. About 27 percent are registered
as Republicans, while about 40 percent are independent. ​source
Racially, the United States is about 60 percent white, with Hispanics/Latios make up
almost 18 percent, African Americans about 12 percent, Asians about 5 percent, and
other/multiple about 3 percent. Within the next fifty years, it is predicted that although
whites will remain the single largest ethnic group in the nation, they will no longer be the
majority. ​source
The Voter Registration Policy of the United States varies from state to state. Currently,
37 states as well as Washington DC have online voter registration, and 20 states have
same day registration. Thirty-five states and Washington DC permit early voting. In 28
states, anyone can cast an Absentee vote, and in 19, one can cast an Absentee vote
with a valid reason. ​source
Top issues in the United States currently include gun control, reproductive rights, LGBT issues,
sexual abuse and harassment, the environment, and heathcare among others.