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Economics with Financial Literacy Course description for course of studies

Economics with Financial Literacy
Level 2
Grades 10-12
Semester Course
Economics with Financial Literacy develops students' economic reasoning through an
analysis of the U.S. economy, the global economy, and personal finance. The course
covers fundamental principles of economics, including an examination of markets; the
basics of supply and demand; the concept of money and how it evolved; the role of banks,
investment houses, and the Federal Reserve; Keynesian economics; wages, investment,
and growth involved in capitalism; unemployment, inflation, and the national debt.
The course extends students' understanding of these principles in the context of personal
finance, exploring issues such as personal financial planning, income and taxes, banking,
savings, investing, retirement and estate planning, credit, credit management, consumer
purchasing and consumer power, writing checks, housing decisions, purchasing a car, risk
management and insurance for homes and autos, health, disability and life insurance, and
planning for your career.