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4 Best Garbage Disposals to Buy for Your Home in 2019

4 Best Garbage Disposals to Buy for Your
Home in 2019
A garbage disposal unit is our best friend when it comes to keeping our
kitchen clean from leftovers or other food pieces that have been stinking
up our fridge for quite some time. However, it's important that you own a
unit that's of the best quality and gets rid of food products both
effectively and efficiently. And that's where this article comes in.
We've gathered some of the most buzzworthy and renowned garbage
disposals these days. Each of the following garbage disposal units has
been carefully reviewed by us that will leave your kitchen both clean and
smelling fresh:
1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel
We start off this list with perhaps what most folks these days consider to
be the best garbage disposal in The InSinkErator Evolution Excel.
It's powerful as it comes with three grinding stages. What this means is
that this device can grind just about any scrap of food lying around, even
the tough, fibrous ones.
What's more, the machine is super quiet thanks to its SoundSeal
technology. The quick-lock mounting system makes installation a breeze
and you only need to attach the power cord by yourself.
This device also features a jam-sensor where it alleviates jams by
increasing the torque by 500%.
2. Waste King L-8000
Following in at number two is perhaps the most affordable and energyefficient garbage disposal brand in the market and the Legend L8000
model is a huge testament to that reputation.
With just an HP permanent magnet mirror and a turnplate that spins at
2800 rpm, the L8000 wonderfully grinds up to 98-99% of virtually any
type of food waste, from fruits to chicken bones.
Unlike the common induction motors in most models, the L8000's
permanent motors make much less noise during its operation. Also,
because they can achieve maximum speed in a very short amount of
time, they can greatly reduce the risk of jamming as well.
Because its grind components are made of stainless steel, the device is
very durable, which also makes it capable of grinding even the toughest
of food waste and is able to hold out well for a good number of years.
3. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Badger 5
If there’s a reason for you to get a Badger garbage disposal, it is
definitely the InSinkErator Badger 5. This model is best suited for those
who are concerned with space and affordability
Its patented Quick-Lock sink mount enables you to install it with ease in
place of your older one. And even if it's your first model, worry not, as
everything you need to put it together and get it up and running is
included in its package, including the instruction manual.
The Badger 5 works faster than standard models since it is a continuous
feed garbage disposal. The ½ Dura-Drive motor that powers this
disposal unit guarantees to grind up anything you throw into it, like
leftovers that have seen plenty of days including eggshells, or stalks of
celery. This is further testified by its stainless steel material.
4. Moen GXS75C GX Series
Moen is a name that is synonymous with kitchen fixtures, including
faucets and especially, garbage disposals. Despite being new in the
latter department, Moen's garbage disposal units have managed to
impress customers in various regions. This is proven with the latest entry
in the Moen GXS75C GX Series.
Its powerful thanks to its permanent magnet motor, which operates at full
speed when turned on. This motor is also elemental in reducing potential
The Moen garbage disposal unit can easily be installed with its three-bolt
mounting system, meaning all you have to do is twist and lock the device
in place under the sink drain.