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Biomes Presentation Rubric

Name: ___________________________
Biome: __________________________
Partner’s Name: ______________________ Period: ________
Biomes Project:
● You will be working with a randomly assigned partner. This is so you can learn how to become an
effective communicator and collaborator.
● You will randomly pick a biome out of a box. No fair asking to exchange/trade/switch your biome.
● You will have only THREE class days (September 16, 18, and 19) to research for your project and ONE
day to prepare.
● Although you have a few class days to work on your project, I expect you and your partner to effectively
communicate with each other and work on your project outside of the classroom.
● You can present your project any of the following ways
○ Poster board Presentation OR PowerPoint Presentation
○ Diorama for assigned biome
● Projects are to be submitted by Tuesday, September 24th​ by the end of your class period.
● Presentations will take place on ​September 26th and 27th​. (Presenting on the 2nd day does not give
you extra time to work on your project).
● Progression checks will be done to ensure you and your partner are staying on task.
● WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY (​The answers that are italicized are examples​)
○ What biome have you been randomly assigned?
○ Where is this biome majorly located?
○ What are 3 native plants and 3 native animals of this biome?
○ What is the climate like for this biome?
○ What is the amount of annual rainfall?
○ What are some ecological issues and concerns of this biome? (State 2-3 ecological issues)
○ What are some human impacts happening in this biome? (State 2-3 human impacts)
○ WHY is this biome important?
○ Provide photos of your biome, its plants and animals, cause/effect of human and biological
● DESIGN A FOOD WEB for your biome. Your food web should have the following:
■ TWO producers
■ THREE primary consumers
■ FOUR secondary consumers
■ TWO-THREE tertiary consumers
○ Provide images and arrows to show the flow of energy
● Analyze the cause/effect of an invasive species in your biome
○ What is the invasive species called?
○ When did it invade your biome?
○ How did this invasive species come to this biome?
○ How does this invasive species disrupt the ecosystem of this biome?
● Cite your sources! #AintNobodyGotTimeForCheaters