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Tips for Powerpoint Presentations

Tips for Powerpoint Presentations
Remember that the main point of visuals is to aid listener comprehension.
1. Every presentation needs Bookends. The opening and closing slides are the company logo.
The bookends hold the presentation together.
2. Every slide needs a picture. Not every slide needs text.
3. 6 second rule – if your audience can’t grasp the content of the slide in 6 seconds or less they are
forced into reading mode. They can’t do both at the same time! As few words as possible on a
4. Don’t use too many slides. Plan to talk at least 45 seconds per slide.
5. Do not speak in a dark room. We must be able to see you and your visual aid.
6. Do not read your Powerpoint to your audience. They can read it faster to themselves than you
can read it to them. Reading is boring. Talk to your audience.