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Important information on Portfolio 2 (2)

Dear students
Welcome to TPS 2601. This module deals with first year teaching practice.
Most students are calling and sending emails without reading their study material.
Kindly note that due to a high volume of queries that I receive every day from
students. I therefore urge students to do the following before calling or sending any
1. TUTORIAL LETTER 101, 102 and 103
•Tutorial letters 101, 102 and 103 are available on MYUNISA. They will also be sent
to you as hard copies.
•Read and familiarize yourself with these tutorial letters.
Do not ask your lecturer about the following:
Placement forms (DSAR ). These forms are available from page 13 of Tutorial
letter 102.
Please complete the form and send it to the Teaching Practice office. Do not
send the form to the lecturer.
Change of schools and change of dates, you need to contact your provincial or
international coordinator (teaching practice office). Information is found in tutorial
letter 102 on page 4.
 TPS 2601 is a teaching practice module that prepares students to teach learners
in both Senior and FET phases. Senior phase covers Grade 7, 8 and 9 and FET
phase covers Grade 10, 11 and 12.
 Teaching practice must be done at a school which has both Senior and FET
 During your first year, you are supposed to observe both Senior phase and FET
phase teachers.
 You can spend two days with a Senior phase teacher and another two days with
an FET teacher.
 You can use Friday as a day of reflection with your mentor.
 Make sure that all your documents are stamped on your final day of teaching
 If there is no school stamp, the principal must write a letter, sign and attach the
proof of registration for the school. Your workbooks will not be marked without
the school’s stamp.
Teaching practice is for 5 weeks or 25 days. It is compulsory that you do your
teaching practice within this specified period.
It is available on page 19 of Tutorial letter 102. You are expected to complete and
sign an attendance register on a daily basis during your stay at the school.
Please put on the school stamp and staple it at the back of your portfolio. Please
note, your portfolio will not be marked without an attendance register.
If you cannot take 5 weeks, you can divide your teaching practice into two
consecutive weeks of observation and three consecutive weeks of practice
teaching only, no other arrangements.
The Department of Education and Higher Education require compulsory teaching
practice for each year.
Email dispatch @unisa.ac.za
Download your material from MyUnisa
Assignments 50 or portfolio should be submitted online or as hard copies. Do
not email your assignments, emailed assignments will not be marked
Make sure that you keep a copy of your portfolio.
Adhere to due dates. Structure your teaching practice to allow you to submit on
No extension. Late assignments or portfolios will not be marked.
Each assignment/ portfolio must be submitted on a separate envelope.
Enter the correct module code and assignment number.
Each assignment/portfolio must have a school stamp and the attendance
register. Do not send the register afterwards.
8. Follow-up on submitted assignments
Checking if your assignments or portfolios have arrived at Unisa, remains the
student's responsibility and myUnisa is the platform to do so.
Should problems be experienced, they must be communicated to the relevant
department and persons depending on the problem.
Please consult the publication my studies @ Unisa which you received with your
study material.
• Please active your mylife email as this will help you to receive all the emails from
your lecturers.
Kind regards.
Mukhathi F (Lecturer: TPS 2601)