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Creating a table of contents in Google Slides

Creating a table of contents
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Table of Contents: Australian Prime Ministers
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Edmund Barton
Alfred Deakin
Chris Watson
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Edmund Barton
Federation was Edmund Barton's 'one great thing'. One of the key architects of
Australia's Constitution, Barton became the new nation's first Prime Minister at a
grand ceremony in Centennial Park, Sydney, on 1 January 1901.
Alfred Deakin
Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second Prime Minister, was also the fifth and the
seventh. He was in office three times in the first ten years of Federation.
Often referred to as ‘the constructor’, his work in building soundly on the nation’s
constitutional foundations is evident a century later.
Perhaps the finest speaker in the Australian parliament’s first century, Deakin’s
love of learning informed his political life. Handsome and intelligent, his courteous
manner earned him the nickname ‘Affable Alfred’.
Chris Watson
Australia’s first Labor Prime Minister held office for only four months in 1904, but
his imprint on legislation extended through the first decade of the Australian
'His Vandyke beard was exquisitely groomed, his abundant brown hair smoothly
brushed. His morning coat and vest set off by dark striped trousers, beautifully
creased ... He was the perfect picture of the statesman, the leader'. So the new
Prime Minister was described (by WM Hughes) at the first meeting of his Cabinet
in 1904.
John Christian Watson was a founder and one of the principal shapers of the early
Australian Labor Party.
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