12 – Curie
G5 ESPOSO, Katrina Mae H.
Breaking through
For the past two years, representing Quezon City Science High School has been both an
honor to me. Never would I had thought that even after pursuing for research after receiving
enjoyment and satisfaction in the said discipline would lead me this far. Creating innovations and
discovering new knowledge has molded me into a scientific and critical person today.
Although I had only represented during the past year’s Regional Science and Technology
Fair, it has taught me that failure shouldn’t be the end mark for any researcher. Failure made me
understood what was wrong with my work ethics and what should I change to deal with it. Failure
has also taught me to be self-reliant, rather than waiting for someone to lead me. The rocky roads
of my Grade 11 helped me achieved what I had in store for Grade 12.
It was disappointing at first that the school couldn’t really support us during the three
research fairs that I had attended. A lot of sacrifice and sadness were also endured from the bad
remarks I had received from my classmates, telling me that I didn’t deserve any of it. No one
should hinder me from science ‒ not anyone.
This resulted to numerous winnings and representations in seminars and other events that
can be seen from the photos in the following pages. Truly, improving the lives of people has always
been my goal, and will always be my goal no matter how small or big the impact is.