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Docker Hub contains a huge number of repositories having millions of images and these repositories are
growing every day. This increase has created a great mess for the users searching for their desired
repositories and Images. In order to search for a specific image using a keyword, docker hub returns
thousands of images out of which mostly images are not providing the relevant images. It is difficult to
manually search for the most relevant one.
For example, if a user wants to search ‘MySQL-Server’ on docker hub and search by giving a keyword
MySQL-Server it returns 51,665 images with the keyword MySQL-Server within which most of the images
do not provide MySQL server. One of which is zabbix/zabbix-server-mysql , it provides zabbix server with
MySQL as its database. By automatic tagging or assigning a closest category, the image will be given a
tag/category ‘zabbix’, ‘monitor’ along with ‘MySQL’ which would make a further filtering to search results.