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middle english . porject refkection

Alycia Perez
Mr. Klemp
IB Core 11-B
13 September 2019
Project Reflection
Researching about Middle English and especially John Wycliffe and his translation of the Bible
in English was a very learning experience. The researching process was mainly easy, it was a popular
subject that had a lot of things to talk about. But Formatting correctly the slides was complicated because
there was so much information that I had to narrow down. But, I also was lost at a moment because I
didn’t if I should’ve include more history or more information about the actual language used in the
translation of the Bible but, thanks to my group members who helped me I succeed to balance the amount
of historical information and language-related information. My group and I had established great
communication to be able to make this project as good and coherent as possible. As a presenter, our
presentation could’ve been more interactive with the audience so that they get more interested in the
topic. And something top improve would be time management, because we were very short with time, we
could’ve moved on quicker so that we have enough time of each slide, but we decided to explain deeply
each bullet point of the presentation. To conclude, this project was overall great, thanks to our
establishment of great communication but we still need to improve our time management for the