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Innovative Selling Techniques Mini 2019 Real Abel Kabiru

By Abel Kabiru
Enhanced Performance & Innovation Centre
Selling quietly regardless of
Be punctual; Be courteous; Ensure your appearance is
Don’t take alcohol until after your last call – one
smells as much as several; Likewise, don’t smoke
Smile confidently and look optimistic
Let the customer offer first to shake hands/Sit upright
and alert
Avoid irritating and distracting mannerisms
Use the customers first name only when invited to,
otherwise stick to his surname
Talk distinctly, don’t swallow words
Think first, talk last
Don’t talk too much
Include the prospect and the prospect’s interest in the
conversation right from the start
Emphasize the ‘you’ angle
Don’t try to be superior- the prospective customer knows the
business better than you do
Don’t discuss the prospect’s competitors or criticize other
purchases the prospect has made
Always tell the truth
Don’t exaggerate or tell white lies
Demonstrate the highest respect and loyalty for
your own company
By all means show you have a sense of humour, but
don’t try to be a comedian
And finally, listen, listen and then listen. That way
you will learn much about the customer, the
customer’s business and the needs of the moment
which ordinary questioning might not reveal
You only have one opportunity to make a first
impression – ensure it is positive (It takes less than a
minute for people to size you up and make
Sources of benefits
All these aspects of products, services, company and staff
can produce benefits to customers:
Products – delivery, workmanship, mobility, design, operation,
stocks, components, credit, packaging, appearance
Services – speed, pre-sales advice, installation, availability,
maintenance, training, guarantees, credit, merchandising,
advertising, aftersales service
Company – length of time established, philosophy, reputation,
labor relations, policies, location, size, financial standing
Staff – knowledge, availability, skill, training, character,
Remember to sell company benefits as well
E.g. Feature: We are a well established company
The benefit of this is that we have a track record of dealing with
this type of work. We have an established reputation in this field.
What you are in fact saying is that your company is reliable and
E.g. Feature: We have a very comprehensive product range
The benefit of this means that we have something to suit all tastes
and budgets and availability is not a problem
Know your marketplace & competitors
Effective selling means knowing who else is in the
market and what they are selling
Know the size of your market, who else is operating
in it and what they are offering
Know where and how you are positioned in relation
to them
Exercise on competitor intelligence
List five of your competitors in one of your main
product or service areas
What are their strengths
What are their weaknesses
Where are you positioned in relation to them
What makes you better than or different to your
Most common mistakes of salespeople
 Lack
of preparation, lack of product knowledge
 No knowledge and understanding of the features
and benefits
 Misjudges the decision maker and ignores
completely the other party in the sales process
 Poor grooming, sloppy and inappropriate for the
target audience
 Likes to talk usually about themselves and their
 Doesn’t ask open questions
 Poor summarizing skills, keeps on speaking
 Overuse
of prospects name – insincere
 Doesn’t listen and cant answer the question
the client is asking
 Is patronizing, misjudges the level of
 Ignores the objection or treats them
defensively, then starts to preach to the
 Wont take no for an answer!
Checklist for good salesperson
 Is
genuine and sincere
 Knows his/her products
 Is interested in people
 Listens and asks open questions
 Uses silences to good effect
 Treats objections sincerely and the prospect as an
intelligent, interesting individual
 Helps people to buy by closing effectively
 Always leaves on a positive note